Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Task Management?

Task management is the process of managing a task or portfolio through its life cycle. That is including planning, testing, tracking and reporting. Task management can help individuals achieve their goals or groups to collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

What is TaskTwister?

TaskTwister is a Web based system integrated with GSM Online Task Management System. With TaskTwister, you will be able to enhance your organization’s efficiency, regardless of the geographic location of your team members. Through Dynamic WebPlus everybody is always in touch with the updated progress. We provide you with simple and effective tools to work and monitor your projects and team members.

Not all my team members are Internet savvy, can they use the system?

Absolutely Yes, TaskTwister is designed for any layman even without computer knowledge or proper English, yet can perform fantastic online collaboration and produce instant, professional reporting which you will love it.

Is it easy to learn the System?

Absolutely, all you need is a Team Member who is well verse in computer and Internet in order to setup the company’s TaskTwister Account. As for the rest, they can master the application overnight.

Is the system appropriate for my organization?

TaskTwister is very suitable for any SME, be it in any businesses, as long as there is Project Task to collaborate.

Can TaskTwister be customized to our requirements ?

No, but there are numerous Add-ON features , which are ready to be used. Please tell us what you want, we might have the features you needed.

Why TaskTwister don’t include all the Add-ons, when we initially bought it ?

There are so many Add-On features available, and it will be very costly if all are included. On top of that , many of the features might not be suitable for your company. So we advice you to start off with our most basic module first, which is much cheaper and easier for your team member to learn & catch up.

What sort of Package does TaskTwister offer?

TaskTwister is a subscription based application, its’ subscription fee is based on the number of users. TaskTwister offers two types of Package, namely the WebPlus and the Non-WebPlus series.

How much is the subscription fee for both of the Series?

Kindly refer our Pricing for details.

What is the minimum period of subscription that I can subscribe?

The minimum subscription is one month.

How do I subscribe to TaskTwister?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall assists and advise you on how to integrate TaskTwister into your business operations.

Does TaskTwister offer onsite training?

Yes, we provides onsite for companies who requested it before or after purchase. We offer a one day (5 hours) training for maximum of 3 personnel at a fixed cost.

What sort of support does TaskTwister offer for its existing customers?

We provide e-mail support at to all our existing customers.