We offer the most affordable rate in the market, with less that RM 0.35 per day per user,  you are able to manage the whole organization activities with a peace of mind. Subscribe now and you will be entitled for the limited time offer rate as long as you keep your account active!

No of users Normal rate (per user per day) Limited time offer rate (per user per day)
5 to 10 MYR 0.50 MYR 0.35
Above 10 MYR 0.45 MYR 0.30

Calculation Formula : No. of users  x  No. of days (365 for a year subscription ) x  Rate

Example 1: 10 x 365 x 0.50 = MYR 1,825.00 (10 users for 1 year subscription, normal rate )

Example 2: 10 x 365 x 0.35 = MYR 1,277.50 (10 users for 1 year subscription, offer rate)

Example 3: 20 x 365 x 0.45 = MYR 3,285.00 (20 users for 1 year subscription, normal rate)

Example 4: 20 x 365 x 0.30 = MYR 2,190.00 (20 users for 1 year subscription, offer rate)

As for Dynamic WebPlus that enables you to send and receive SMS, the SMS credits need to be purchased separately. Each SMS sent out from TaskTwister cost 1 credit. For SMS sent to TaskTwister, there will be no charges from us but only normal SMS charges from your mobile operator.

No of credits Normal rate (per credit) Limited time offer rate (per credit)
100 to 500 MYR 0.25 MYR 0.20
Above 500 MYR 0.20 MYR 0.18

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum Purchase : 5 licenses (users)  for 1 month.
  • Currency Quoted: All in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).
  • Rate: Per license per day.
  • Lifetime offer rate: If you subscribe under a offer rate package, you will be entitled to the same offer rate as long as you continue to renew your subscription.
  • Onsite Training: - MYR 200 for a one day (5 hours) training for maximum of 3 personnels
  • Dynamic WebPlus: - For the moment we only support incoming and outgoing SMS from Malaysia's mobile operators.
  • Payment: - Contact us to arrange for payment and account activation.