TaskTwister - Borderless Tasks Management

A task management software can be of great advantage to a business if it is successfully implemented. TaskTwister focuses on the heart of any business setup, be it a 1-person-company or medium/large organizations that have businesses accross countries' borders. TaskTwister helps business owners, middle management, executives down until even a temporary worker in an organization to better manage their works. All projects activities and related tasks are tracked, and thus ensuring that nothing is missed. 

Easy & Accessible

TaskTwister aims for ease of use but not compromising on essential functionalities. Regardless of computer literacy level, TaskTwister strives for simplicity. Integration with SMS is also available now.

  • No software installation is required. 
  • TaskTwister runs on the web. All you need is Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Informative dashboard panel that highlights all tasks that require your attention.

Organized & Collaboration

If you are an employee, TaskTwister assists you in organizing your work and ensures that no tasks are left behind. Improving your efficiency also means no more rush work and better paycheck =)

  • A listing of customers/projects under your care as well as various due dates for follow-up actions.
  • A listing of tasks assign to you with highlights on outstanding, overdue items.
  • Create task for your colleagues 

Better Management

As a business owner or middle management, TaskTwister grants you a better overview of the performance of the organization. Corrective action can be taken on time should there exists any problem.

  • Highly customisable access power control 
  • Monitor progress of the employees under your supervision via a tasks summary panel.
  • Assign customers/projects to employees under your supervison and keep track the progress.