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The best AI video editor in 2023


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Nov 24, 2023

Consuming video is easy. Producing good video is not. This includes building a script, collecting all required videos, and making everything seem as perfect as possible.

Find out how you can incorporate AI in your job.

AI has several solutions that can reduce the time from an idea to an MP4 as it do for anything else at present. So I was looking for the best video-creating AI tools, and surprisingly enough, many great ones exist already.

The best AI Video Editor Tools 2023

From smart video editing software to generative text-to-video apps, there are AI video editor tools that will help you do whatever you want: whether it is running a YouTube channel, creating more interactive content on social media platforms, or repurposing content to continually keep all your business’s online channels alive and relevant. Here are my preferred AI video editor after one week of tests.

What makes the best AI video editor?

When using the best AI video editor, you will be able to multiply your productivity and still maintain your quality or even improve it. By supplying templates, ways to quicken editing, and ways to refine audio and video they reduced the time from script to end result.

These fall into three broad categories in a general list.

AI video editor tools aim at fast editing processes.

Instant generative text-to-video apps that accept your inputs and provide an immediate video output.

AI-enabled video productivity tools that enable you to create content for multiple marketing channels or platforms at a rapid pace.

Regardless of these sub-categories, here’s what I looked for as I searched for the best AI video editor:

AI. Therefore, all these applications are powered by artificial intelligence of their features.

High-quality video output. Such apps must be able to export quality video that plays well in small and big screens. This list has all the apps that at least export a video in 720p resolution but are capable of exporting more than just that, like up to 4K videos with a variety of aspect ratios.

Customization. Could you do it independently and use additional material? How much can you customize? How easy is it to change things around?

Support and ease of use. Being a new-ish thing, I wanted apps that even beginners could use with some content on how they fully utilize its benefits.

Unique features. The unique element of some apps has a unique element as it relates to video creation and productivity.

These are the apps that I tested within a period of one week. Where possible I used templates, uploaded my own content, got stock materials and tuned visuals with either the timeline editor or simple interface, depending on a specific app.

The best AI Video Editor Tools 2023

Making Training AI Video Editor in 5 Easy Steps [2023]

Descript – AI video editor (web, windows/mac)


Intuitive controls

Edit the video by editing the transcription


Occasionally, transcription is inaccurate.

While recording video, I usually say a lot more then I am likely to use in the end version– far too much for that matter. For instance, roughly ten to twenty times as much. Consequently, one has to watch most of the uncooked footage, tag timeline to preserve the best parts, and then rewind back and forward slitting tracks and trimming video. This is amusing enough during the first hour, but it turns pretty dark once the deadline is missed and one finds oneself beyond midnight already.

Descript is a great time saver if you’re in my situation here. It starts off by creating a transcribed record of what you say and a collection of clips that are separated by way of identifying the video track itself. Unlike others that would require scrolling through the timeline to split or trim the video, only mark the parts in the transcript you do not like and Descript will trim it off for you. No more going back and forth on the timeline to see if the cut is well done: you can change the video the same way that you edit text.

Descript, our pick for the best AI video generator

After that, it is important for you to split your video into scenes. Each one needs to be separated by typing a forward slash sign into the script. Note that this will create a gap in the vertical timeline to the left of your video. That allows you to add, for instance, some B-roll: select your scene’s photo at the upper side of the media library. Searching and dragging stock video (high quality) into the project is done all in one step, without leaving the editor’s window.

When you hit play, you’ll see that Descript cuts to the B-roll exactly where you marked it. The user experience to implement jump cuts, visual elements, and SFX is the same, so you can mark the entirety of your script as you go, and then add all the good stuff later. This workflow is a huge time-saver. But if you prefer the classic timeline experience, it’s still there: look to the bottom of the screen, and control your footage there.

Descript price: Free plan available with 1 hour of transcription and 1 watermark-free video at 720p. Creator plan starts at $12/month, offers 10 hours of transcription, and unlimited watermark-free video exports at up to 4k resolution.

Synthesia – #1 AI video editor creation platform

Synthesia pros:

Quickly create social media content

Basic but reliable text-to-speech intonation controls

Synthesia cons:

Not very flexible

One can say that Synthesia is awesome for producing videos which are socially fit. Basically, it involves a combination of text-to-speech and your video, giving you authority over speed of utterance and distinctness. One of its greatest strengths is that it takes less time to produce video ready to post although it has this generative text-to-video option under the paid plan.

It’s very simple to use. On starting a new project there will be boxes where you can type in your script.[ With a single click on the voice’s name you will be presented with the voice “library” where you select yours most wanted one. Highlight the desired text and use the relevant sliders to adjust the tone, pitch/tone, and pauses. You can hear the changes when playing it back. The fact that such small adjustments can have a big impact on the tone of voice really impresses me.

You can personalize your video by just clicking on the picture above the text. In there, you can either upload of your content, and/or search for a good match from a content library directly in Synthesia. However, when previewing the final outcome in the app, few hiccups are expected, and after rendering, everything should appear normal.

Besides, Synthesia is useful in two other fields. One is for podcasting. Create your podcast page just below this line. Write the podcast rather than speak your own voice. You push the episode when it is ready to the major podcast publishing platforms through RSS. The other one is for creating audiobooks: add your book as one of the many projects that are available on the app. Then, add every chapter thereafter and finally type or paste your text into all of them. Add finishing touches as necessary.

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