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Freshdesk Review 2023: Features, Pros & Cons


Task Twister
Nov 21, 2023

Previous, our comprehensive blog showcases various AI tools and their impact on improving performance and creativity across different fields. Excellent customer support is needed in today’s businesses that are speeded up in order to satisfy customers which leads to the success of business. Incorporating Freshdesk, a popular support software allows companies to cater to any inward inquiries towards improving overall services. This blog discusses an in-depth analysis of Freshdesk which helps the readers choose from the best customer support systems available in 2023.

Freshdesk Review 2023

Freshdesk Overview:

Freshdesk is a comprehensive customer support software that aggregates customer queries from varied communication channels including emails, telephones, chats, and social networks in one single interface. It gives companies a platform that makes it easier for them to solve problems and provide outstanding client service.

Key Features of Freshdesk:

Ticket Management: Support agents can easily organize assigned and prioritized tickets from the freshdesk for better management. Its essence is that each inquiry submitted by a client must not get lost, and timely answers.

Multi-Channel Support: It allows businesses to provide a similar support experience through varied platforms of communication such as emails and phone calls. Freshdesk combines all email, live chat, phone calls, and social media messages into one platform for easier monitoring and solving purposes.

Automation and Workflow: With regard to this issue, Fresh Desk provides automation features that can enable support agents to save their precious time by handling repetitive aspects of customer service provision. Workflow automation helps in routing tickets to the correct department/agent, escalating of priority issues, as well as sending customized responses.

Knowledge Base Management: By searching through the knowledge base offered by Freshdesk, the customers get answers to their inquiries on their own. In order to lessen the number of support requests that are coming in as well as enable self-service support, support teams should create and maintain a complete knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and other information for help. #

Reporting and Analytics: With regard to data reports on performance, robust reporting and analytics are provided by Freshdesk to help in tracking different support indicators. This also provides room for identifying weaknesses, improving support procedures, and making customers happy.


Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: The design aims at ensuring simplicity and ease of using freshdesk by non-technical people like customers.
Scalability: It offers businesses of any size – from startups to enterprise organizations – affordable and scalable options for growing your support needs.
Comprehensive Integrations: The system also integrates well with popular business tools and applications among others including CRMs, collaboration platforms, and e-commerce solutions thus making it possible for a connected support ecosystem.

24/7 Customer Support: It provides round-the-clock customer support through various channels, ensuring assistance is readily available when needed.


Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Though the main characteristics of Freshdesk are simple to use, it might take you some days or training to learn about its advanced functions.
Limited Customization: Certain users have also claimed that they are unable to modify the interface and functions to fit certain business needs.
Occasional Performance Issues: While some users might experience occasional slowness of performance like slow responses or system crashing, this happens rarely.

Comparison of Freshdesk alternatives.

Freshdesk vs Five9
To this end, it must be noted that Freshdesk and five9 are part of the CCaaS world space. From a pricing perspective, Freshdesk is without doubt the most competitive alternative with the free package as well as the cheaper subscription rates. It all costs $149 per month, the so-called “Digital-only” option. Moreover, Freshdesk has a more specific focus on sales and customer support through ticketing, the development of a knowledge base, and the creation of a community forum.

Comparison of Freshdesk alternatives.
Freshdesk vs Five9

In the end, you are most likely going to make a choice depending on your particular requirements. For purposes of your contact center with voice, chat, and email without any noticeable user barriers-Five9. Nonetheless, considering the collaborative basis of customer service representatives, Freshdesk would be more desirable.

Freshdesk vs 8×8
8×8 is one of the major UCaas friendly brands while Freshdesk is an example of CCaaS. In addition to voice, video, and chat, 8×8 offers HD support for up to 500 participants per conference. Although, FreshDesk has collaboration potential like private messaging and ticket sharing; 8×8 offers a wider range of communications.

Regardless of whether there would still be open pricing, 8×8 seems like a superior alternative for medium to large companies looking for an advanced contact center with more comprehensive functionalities. 8×8 may occasionally be difficult to operate depending on your level of experience with the Voice over Internet Protocol technology services.” If you would like to have voice, chat, as well as video conferencing capabilities, then opt for 8×8. You can look up it if you need a client assistant service with ticketing or forums included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Freshdesk used for?

It is a customer solutions platform. Use support tickets or forums to engage customers or provide solutions. When paired with other Freshworks features, it can act as a streamlined customer communications and team collaboration tool.

2. Is Freshdesk a good ticketing system?

Depending on the plan you use, It could be an ideal ticketing system. The Free tier enables agents to integrate tickets from email and social media. In contrast, the Growth plan introduces custom ticket fields and status and the ability to track agent time on tickets.

3. Is Freshdesk free to use?

It is free to use.

4. Does Freshdesk have a phone app?

It is available for download in the Google Play and App stores.

5. Is Freshdesk a SaaS tool?

Yes, It is technically a SaaS tool as there are no hardware requirements and its features are in the cloud.


A robust customer support software with many features aiming to ease support procedures and help boost customer support. It offers companies the ability to manage their tickets, multi-channel support, automation, and knowledge base management in order to ensure outstanding customer experience.

Although It offers an easy-to-use layout, extensive connections, and scaling, there are some disadvantages including complicated training for sophisticated functions and little chance for individual adjustments.

In sum, It continues to be a good option for firms searching for a powerful customer care platform in 2023. Knowing your unique needs, and comparing freshdesk characteristics (pros, cons) helps select a solution that would improve your customer service for higher profitability.