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Pencil: Makes creative AI software for ecommerce brands


Task Twister
Nov 20, 2023

Pencil, accessible at, is an AI-powered ad generator that revolutionizes the process of creating ads for e-commerce. This Singapore-based software development company blends AI with human creativity to facilitate quick and efficient ad production. Here’s a comprehensive overview, blending new insights from the website with the previous content:

AI-Driven Ad Generation

Pencil allows for the generation of static and video ads suitable for various social media platforms. It uses AI to produce ad ideas swiftly and effectively, a significant time-saver in the ad creation process​​.

Data Integration and Prediction

The platform enables the integration of data from ad accounts, enhancing learning from successful ads and refining predictions based on over $1B in ad spend. This feature helps in identifying winning strategies and replicating them in future campaigns​​​​.

Editing and Real-Time Insights

With a user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor, Pencil simplifies real-time editing. Users can easily adjust their ad creatives, an essential feature for performance testing. The platform also offers insights into what elements are effective in both winning and losing ads, guiding users towards more successful ad strategies​​​​.

Benchmarking and Sector Comparison

Pencil provides benchmarking tools to compare your ad’s messaging and results with other brands in the same sector. This comparison is invaluable for understanding market trends and positioning ads effectively​​.

Cost and Time Efficiency

The platform significantly reduces the time and cost of ad production. Machine Generated Creative (MGC) ads cost around $30 each and are generated in just one minute. This is in stark contrast to traditional ad-making methods, which are far more expensive and time-consuming​​.

Performance Enhancement

Pencil has demonstrated the ability to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by an average of +122%, signifying twice the effectiveness compared to conventional methods. This robust performance metric is a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform​​.

Comprehensive Analysis

The company provides an in-depth analysis of over 600 real Pencil-generated ads, comparing their performance against standard ROAS and CPA baselines. This analysis helps brands to understand how they can improve their results, vary strategies by sector, and assess the speed of achieving results with Pencil ads​​.

Subscription Plans

Pencil offers various pricing plans to suit different needs, including a Starter plan at $99/month for 50 exports, a Pro plan at $249/month for 100 exports, and an Unlimited plan at $799/month for unlimited exports.

Pencil Video Overview

Additional Resources also hosts a weekly podcast featuring insights from top brand and agency professionals. The company’s mission is to aid brands in discovering innovative ad concepts that drive growth. However, access to via certain tools like Zoominfo may be restricted.

In essence, Pencil stands out as a dynamic and efficient tool for e-commerce advertising, offering comprehensive solutions for ad generation, predictive analytics, real-time editing, and market benchmarking. Its impact on reducing production costs and enhancing ad performance makes it a strategic choice for brands and agencies aiming to optimize their advertising efforts.